Sunday, February 20, 2011

Samsung LN46C630KIF HD TV

I'm so excited and pleased with my new Samsung LN46C630 HD TV. In my opinion Samsung quality is high end and competitively priced. I've purchased this TV after having and using the older model Samsung LN46A550 for the last two years with excellent results. I purchased my new Samsung because I was so pleased with my older version and I just wanted to upgrade to the new technology. My new Samsung LN46C630 HD TV has full HD 1080p screen resolution to allow me to see a clear, crisp and sharp image. It has great color depiction which allows for natural objects such as grass and the sky to be displayed as natural as possible. It also has a 120HZ refresh rate which allows for less blur when viewing a fast moving scene, watching sports and playing video games. In addition it has 120,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which allows for deeper blacks levels that gives more of a natural viewing than other TVs without this feature. My new Samsung TV is also energy efficient which allows me to burn less energy to save on my electric bill. I definitely do recommend Samsung LN46C630 HD TV because of its superb quality, innovative technology and competitive pricing.

Favorable views:
Full HD 1080p, 46 inch, energy-efficient, 120HZ refresh rate, 120,000 :1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Not so favorable views:
Nothing so for.

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