Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flip video Mino HD M2120 brushed metal

I was looking for a convenience and easy way record my daughter's basketball game without carrying around a large video camera. I wanted something that was compact, with superb quality and easy-to-use. I also wanted this device to have clear instructions on how to upload videos on social networks, e-mail and create movies. I did some research and found the flip video camera to be suitable for what I was needing in a video camera. After reading many reviews, I decided to purchase the flip video high definition Mino camera. And I am impressed with the usability and how easy it is to operate. I'm not very technical savvy so I wanted a video device that would allow me to aim and video without the need to adjust a focusing lens. I like that this camera is small and compact. The camera is about the size of my cell phone which is about the size of a deck of playing card. The flip video is lightweight and has a brushed metal finish. The picture clarity is not exceptional but it is okay. I like that the software is conveniently stored on the video camera so I did not have to load a CD onto my computer. I just plug the USB component on the camera into my USB port on my computer and the software is easily loaded onto my computer allowing me to easily use the Flip video manager to send videos via e-mail, and upload to social networks.

Favorable views:

Compact, easy to use, aim video, easy upload on social networks and e-mail using the flip video manager.

Not so favorable views:

Picture clarity is just okay.

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  1. I've never used a flip video camera or even a digital one I'm still stuck with a cam corder with tape and it's been forever since I've used it. I love to create idvd movies from still photos but digital would open up all sorts of creative possibilites - someday LOL Love your review : D