Monday, February 27, 2012

Milk & Truffle Ghirardelli Squares review

I received a free sample of Milk & Truffle Ghirardelli
Squares from to sample and give my honest opinion about what I thought
about the product. I love this type of
try and tell program that She Speaks offer because it allows me to try the
product and then tell my experience.
I have tried other Ghirardelli Squares products before and I
simply love them. After trying this
particular flavor I discovered that this particular flavor is one of my
favorite Ghirardelli products. I love
the simple rich creamy silky texture of the Milk & Truffle Ghirardelli
Squares. The creamy rich chocolate melts
in your mouth. It is also smooth, sweet
and oh so silky. In addition, I also
love that the packaging comes in a stay fresh foil that allows for easy storing
and that each square is individually wrapped. Love this product and I definitely do
recommend it because of the quality of chocolate flavor and stay fresh wrapping. I also love the individual wrap packaging
because it makes portion control and calorie counting dieting easier to follow
in my case. I can enjoy a quality delicious
piece of chocolate without feeling deprived.