Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cuisinart 14 Cup food processor

I am especially pleased with my new Cuisinart food processor. I love this product because it allows me to quickly chop and slice vegetables restaurant style. It is a powerful machine with 720 Watts of power allowing it to quickly slice, mix and chops my food with ease. I was even able to mix cookie dough without a problem. I like that it has a large feeding tube that way I don't have to chop my food before I put it into my food processor to be sliced and shredded. It is an excellent product for shredding cheese and lettuce to make the most perfect tacos and it even grinds and chops meat. I like that this product comes with a slicing blade, a shredding blade, a mixing blade and a chopping blade all which are stainless steel. It also has a handy spatula and a tutorial CD to help you with easy-to-follow recipes and to instruct you on how to use and operate your new Cuisinart food processor. It has a large 14 cup bowl which is very handy for mixing and chopping large amounts of food. The on and off switch is conveniently placed in front for easy and quick shutoff. The Cuisinart food processor cleans up easily. I definitely recommend the Cuisinart food processor because of its functionality, and versatility to produce restaurant style and quality foods.

Favorable views:

720 Watts of power, stainless steel blades, durable well made features, instructional CD.

Not so favorable views:
Just a little difficult to store.

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  1. I love my food processor! I do not know what I would do without it.