Sunday, February 20, 2011

Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S, 2.2cuft 1250 Watt Sensor microwave oven, stainless steel

I purchased my new Panasonic Prestige 1250 Watt stainless steel microwave oven to replace a microwave that had broken due to years of use. But before purchasing this microwave I did a week worth of research to select a microwave that would be suitable for my family needs. I have two young adult children living at home one is a teen in high school and the others in college and they microwave a lot of their meals. So therefore, I wanted to get a microwave that would be perfect for their easy and quick meals and also suitable for my needs in cooking family size meals as well as warming TV dinners. This particular microwave has a 19.4 X 23.9 X 14 inch comportment which makes it large enough to cook a 20 pound turkey of which I would never cook in the microwave. And I especially love the full size of this microwave because it gives me plenty room to cook a bag of popcorn to a large meal. It cooks evenly using a rotating turntable. I like that this microwave is powerful with 1250 Watt to make cooking quick and complete. It also has multiple functions such as a popcorn, warming, and thawing setting.

Favorable views:
Cooks evenly, 1250 Watts of power, large full size 19.4 X 23.9 X 14 inch comportment, quick function buttons, rotating turntable.

Not so favorable views:
Zero so for.

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