Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ballpark Flamed Grilled Beef Patties are delicious.

I received a free sample of Ballpark Flamed grilled beef patties from and they are absolutely delicious. I love that they are conveniently pre-cooked and they are seasoned just right with a smoke house flavor. They tastes just like they have been freshly grilled. They cook up quickly and they are ready within minutes. I prepare them on my indoor tabletop grill as well as my outdoor barbecue grill. And they always turned out great. I especially love that they do not shrink when preparing them. They fit perfectly on a bun with plenty of beef to fit over the entire bun. Great flavor and extremely juicy. I definitely do recommend the Ballpark Flame Grilled beef patties. Since I’ve tried these delicious patties I’d been purchasing them regularly. I’ve also served them during a backyard barbecue and received a lot of compliments. They are must haves.

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