Friday, November 18, 2011

Torani Flavored Syrups review

Torani flavored syrups turns a boring clear drink into a delicious, smooth desirable treat. I used the classic hazelnut syrup to flavor my clear ice tea and it was absolutely delicious. It gave my iced tea a lot of flavor and makes drinking iced tea much more interesting. All I did was prepared my iced tea as usual and I added the Torani classic hazelnut flavored syrup to taste, chilled and enjoyed. It was so simple to turn a boring drink into a desirable treat. I also tried the sugar-free pumpkin high syrup in a hot tea and it turned my tea into a tasty dessert. Torani flavored syrups can be used in other recipes to give an added boost of flavor. I especially do recommend the Torani flavored syrups for flavoring clear beverages. They are available in different flavors and also available in regular and sugar free.

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