Monday, March 14, 2011

My inspirations to blog

I am inspired by many things however what inspires me to blog is in need to be expressive, the need to connect with companies and manufacturers who design products to meet my needs and the need to connect with readers and customers like me. Also need the have my voice heard and the need to be creative and imaginative is what inspires me. So with all that being said, I enjoy giving back and sharing my opinion and this is one way for me to give back. I love sharing my opinion about the good experiences that I have had with products and services that has given me their best. I love to help my readers experience the same or better results with products and services that I have used and giving back by blogging about my personal experiences with products and services helps my reader to improve their buying power. Seeing my reader comments on how my experiences help them save time and money and energy by reading my blog feed, gives me inspiration and empowerment to continue.
And as a Brew Crew member when I need a little inspiration I go to my kitchen table turn on my computer grab a cup of coffee flavored with my favorite Coffeemate creamer and start my blogging.

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